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A Sexy GGurl Shoot


Icon the Bombshell (@icon_the_bombshell) - GGURLS

the new GGurl is FINE! see all @mignon_ashley pics on by @seancoleman713 #hot

the second issue will just be a “sexy issue”… still doing the superhero joint just gonna take a while longer..

Ok this will piss my photographers off BUT time is money… im opening the 2nd issue up to more photogtaphers… im not getting pictures in as fast as I’d like.. SO if youre sitting on some hot pictures ladies or photographers then submit em for consideration…. I have to get a move on..

always learning… took a tutorial over night for a new look in Photoshop.. used this pic of my niece for her bartending #beforeandafter

the first issue is almost here for sale! But now I need girls for the second issue and believe it or not im having a hard time finding girls… so im gonna just post some girls I think is hot and you tell me if they should be in it and if they’re hot enough to be the COVER MODEL… if you want consideration tag ur pics #GGurls (better make it hot now..)


Are you an official GGurl? #carded

#GGurls model @thevictoriamonet (im gonna start promoting my team of models MUCH more) I love yall… my IG is your IG…

Guess who’s really repping GGurls now? @maria_leanna! by my team @duaneg_mqtease @mqproductions entire super sexy video will be on www.GGurls.con soon!

new pics of GGurl @iamheavenblack (damn she got body) now on